Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Keeping you in the loop

I haven't updated the blog in a bit so I figured I would add some upcoming events on here.  Since you are looking anyway...

12/15 I have planned a short trek of Rhode Island's North South Trail (NST).  Some of us will be running about 20 miles and others around 10 miles.  As of right now we have 6-8 people that will be joining in on the fun...updates on this will be sent out soon on the event page.

On 12/16 I will team up with a few Turtles to again take on the WTAC at the Old Mountain 5k Trail Race in Wakefield, RI.  This is part of a winter trail series put on by WTAC's Mike Galoob.

As of this Tuesday, we now have a Tuesday Night Turtle Christmas Party planned for 12/21.  TNT Christmas parties are always a fun time with great beer and good food.

Christmas is on a Tuesday this year, so there will no traditional run on Tuesday night, however, every Christmas morning I organize a TNT X-Mas morning run from the Sunday lot, we run 10 miles and then have some coffee and treats in the parking lot.

After that I plan on hitting the roads again and running the Hangover Classic in Bristol, RI.  I have run this every year since 2008. 

That is all I can think of for now!  I plan to put some race results and pictures up as they happen.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

1st Annual Stupid Run

Friday night when I checked my email after my run, I had an email that had a subject "Stupid Run" it read...

We would like to invite you to the first annual Stupid Run tomorrow starting at 4pm at the Wickenden Pub.

The "run" will consist of beginning with a beer at the Wick, running to Fat Belly's for beer #2, continuing on to Felini's for a slice of pizza, heading to the Wild Colonial for yet another beer, and finally "running" back to the Wick to finish and have a celebratory beer there if we choose to do so. The entire course is 3.2 miles. If a few people are planning on joining, I will bring party pizza to the Wick for after the run.
Let us know if you plan on joining so we don't leave without you.
Issy & Chris

My first thought was "That sounds like fun"...but I also thought, I have 26 miles to run on Sunday morning, I don't know if drinking 4 beers during an afternoon run would be a good idea.  

So I thought about it for about 20 minutes and decided it was a great idea.

We had 6 people show up for the fun, Chris, Issy, Mark, Ken, Jackie and myself...and it was good times.  Here is the breakdown of my consumption.

Wickenden Pub: 20oz Black Velvet (Guinness and Woodchuck Cider)
Fat Belly's: 20oz Guinness
Fellini Pizza: Small Coke, (1) Slice BBQ Chicken Pizza, (1) Chocolate covered cannoli
The Wild Colonial Tavern: 16oz Young's Double Chocolate Stout
Wickenden Pub: 12oz La Fin Du Monde, (5) small pieces of party pizza

Will there be a 2nd Annual Stupid Run?  Only time will tell!!

Starting Line...Wickenden Pub

Black Velvet @ Wickenden Pub

Running to Fat Belly's
1st stop, Fat Belly's

Bellying up for our 2nd beer.

The 2nd beer...Guinness
2nd stop, Fellini Pizza

I went with a BBQ Chicken Pizza, Cannoli, and a Coke.

I met a friend at Fellini's

3rd stop, The Wild Colonial

The WC was not open yet, so...

we went and ran the Grog and Dog Jog loop for good measure.

Providence from the Point Street Bridge

The Wild Colonial...cozy place eh?

3rd beer, Young's Double Chocolate Stout

Back at Wickenden for a celebratory beer...this is my Canadian friend.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Big River Run

Big River Trail Run from Hopkins Hill Road lot.  Some nice twisty single track on this side of Big River and some fun things to see on the trails.

Big trails of choice.

Near the "Dead Shed" (On Right)

This is what I say when I see some purple.

Hoover Trail

Crossing the beaver was getting dark quick!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Arcadia Out & Back

Decided to do something different this morning, so off to Arcadia to run out and back on part of the North South Trail.  I have run on these trails before, but decided to take a few photos today.

Midway Lot on Rt 165

1/2 mile in.

Crossing Arcadia Road into the Arcadia Trail

One of the many NEMBA built bridges


Rhode Island trails are filled with old stone walls

Spider web, the spider ran up to that leaf on the right, see black shadow.

The trail is in there somewhere

Have a seat.

North South Trail marker