Monday, September 29, 2014

Adirondack Marathon

This weekend I headed up to Schroon Lake, NY for the Adirondack Marathon.  This raced served as a nice little building block for JFK 50 Miler in November, but I still wanted to try and run well.  With that said, I have been having some issues with ongoing aches and pains and wasn't too confident that I would do that...and I was right!

I guess overall I ran OK for the first 18 miles, although the race went rather oddly for me.  I was all over the place with pace and felt like I was racing too hard early, then backed off, then tracked 3rd and 4th place down only to get re-passed around 18 and then slogging it in for the last 8 miles.

I was able to get 4th place back, but ran a piss poor race, finishing in 2:54:59 (they have since changed my time to 2:55:00)...but I did win some maple syrup, but in my heart I wanted a bear.

My prize for 1st place age group
The course itself is challenging, but not out of this world hard.  I would love to go back and race the marathon again, or even do the 1/2 marathon or one of the relay races, as the race has lots to offer.

Now I will get back to work and hope that I can get my shit together for November!

This guy has the life!

The award that eluded me.