Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rhode Island "Sea to Summit" Training Run

On 3/3/13 I joined 6 other runners for the 1st Annual? running of the Rhode Island Sea to Summit Run.  Mike Galoob had mentioned this concept to me a couple of months ago, but when his much anticipated Big River 1/2 Marathon was postponed because of snow, this group run was quickly assembled.  Maps were emailed back and forth until finally Mike came up with the "perfect route" well...the shortest I guess. 

I have always been a big fan of point to point adventure type runs, I have recently run from the Connecticut Border to the Narragansett Beach and have pieced together the NST with multiple 20-30 mile runs.  When you throw in a fun group of runners the run is that much more fun, like last year's Epic Trail Run that Dave Dunham put together.

I got to the meeting spot a bit early and added on about 2.5 miles as I was looking at getting about 50 miles for the weekend, running 20 the day before.  This was my first "big weekend" building up to a summer 100 miler and it went pretty well other then being a bit tired on the last couple of climbs of what would be just over 29 miles of running.  To get a greater feel for the run, check out the below write-ups.  It is a lot easier to post links than to write my own long story.  There are even a few pictures in there!  Enjoy!

Run organizer Mike Galoob's take on the run.

Jonny Hammet's story

Muddy's story

Jeff Walker's story