Thursday, February 7, 2019

January 2019 Recap

January has been a pretty productive month on the training front.  I have continued to slowly work on increasing mileage and adding work outs into the mix.  My long runs have also increased and with a good group of guys to run those with, there have not been too many long runs that were us out there just slogging miles.

There were (3) long runs in the month.  The last weekend of the month I had a race and did not run long.  The first long run was 16 miles at 6:53 pace.  The weekend after that was another 16 miles at 6:51 pace finishing the last three miles around 6:18 pace.  Lastly; a 17 mile run with almost 1000 feet of climb at 6:45 pace.

I finished the month with 277.4 miles (up from December's 239.7).  Averaging 62.6/week and 8.94/day.  Nothing crazy, but a start!

I ran the USATF East Region and New England Masters Indoor Championships Meet in Providence on 1/27.  I knew it was going to be ugly, but I went in with realistic expectations.  I seeded myself at 10:15 in the 3k and 5:15 in the miles and ran 10:07 and 5:15.  Last year I ran 9:57 and 5:08, so really not too bad and most importantly I came out of it without any issues in regards to my injury...

We are now less than 10 weeks out from Boston, with lots of work to do.  Boston was never going to be a goal marathon with a PR in mind...but it would be nice to go into it in decent shape and run a well executed race.

Races coming up...
KKC # 5 (which happened this past weekend, write-up to follow)
Foxboro 10 Mile
New Bedford 1/2 Marathon

Ralph, myself, Dave...indoor tracking it.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

November/December 2018 Training

After running the Dublin Marathon at the end of October I took a very easy week, then started my transition back into some sort of normal training.  PT was going good and my injury felt better and better, but I was good throughout November and still kept super minimal mileage, trying to gain some fitness.

I ran a total of 150.2 miles with a long run of just under 9 miles and only 3 days off from running.

December, I kept the progression of longer and longer runs going.  I ran everyday but one, I raced once, I did a couple short work outs and I did some long runs.

I ran a total of 239.7 miles, ran two 13 mile runs and a 14 mile run.

Looking back to my runs in the middle to the end of November, I was generally averaging 7:15 to 7:30 pace with a few runs more upbeat.  I ran the TNT Thanksgiving morning run a hilly course in West Greenwich and was happy to run 7:05 pace...but was beat doing it.

Fast forward to the middle to the end of December and my pace has gotten faster in most runs, with much less effort.  I have been able to finish some longer runs fairly strong.

The race went better than expected at the start of December, I was surprised top be able to run lowish 6's for 6 miles.  I also ran Nooseneck under 7 min pace, feeling good.  That was a great improvement over the TNT Thanksgiving run.

All in all the last 2 months were productive.  I was happy to get back to doing regular Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday group runs.  Hopefully January will continue in the right direction!

Knead Donut Run

Wall outside Knead, Downtown Providence