Wednesday, January 17, 2018

East Coast Mile/Resolution Beach Double

Friday night I was talking to Dave and he mentioned he would be running the Open Mile at the East Coast Invite in the AM. I wasn’t sure what I was planning on doing for a run, so I said what the hell, I will do it too. We were able to talk Bronson into it as well. I knew I am in no shape to run a fast mile and figured I could probably run around 5:10. I really had no pacing plan; I just wanted to get out (not too stupidly) and basically hold on and try to kick.

We bumped into Dave Dunham and also Keith McAteer; whom runs with us on Tuesday nights. We had a decent group for a warm up inside, We could have run outside in the 50+ degree temps, but I don’t think Dave P wanted to get his shoes wet, so around and around we went.

So, after running in circles and waiting for some other races, it was our time to line up and get rolling.  It was a pretty big heat, so Dave P, Bronson and I were in the back row. This definitely got us out a bit slow, but it wasn’t a big deal. I was through the first lap + a little slow, but my body and my mind needed a slap to figured out this wasn’t a 10 mile race, it was a MILE! Pick it up!

The middle part of the race went pretty well, I passed 4 or 5 guys that went out a lot quicker. Going through the lap to go one of those guys went by me and put 3 seconds on me in the last lap! I finished in 5:07. Not fast, but around what I anticipated.

After picking up a certificate for finishing top 8? And an Allie’s Donut because well, we were offered one….it was now OK to go outside and get our feet wet! We ran a 4 mile loop through Providence. It was a bit windy!

The next day was the Resolution Beach and Trail Race. This race was originally supposed to be on Saturday but was postponed until Sunday. It was A LOT colder on Sunday morning. It was around 15 degrees heading down to Scarborough Beach. It was also pretty darn windy on the beach.

Beach :)

We had a pretty good sized group for the warm up, as we headed up (down?) the beach towards the trail area. RD Mike Galoob was there and gave us the rundown of the new loop through the trail section. It personally like the new layout…even with the ice you had to go over in both directions this year. I hope he keeps it like this for future races.

Fast forward to the race…it was windy as always on the beach and after Mike drew a starting line in the sand it was off we go. Not having the out and back section on the beach this year was a nice surprise. As we headed out on the beach, people start taking different lines, but after a bit we all came together before taking the left into the dunes towards the trail. Eric Lonegran led with Jake Cardello and Greg Hammett, I passed Brightman as we made the turn and soon went by Jake. I felt like we weren’t out nearly as fast as previous years and felt good through the new trail area. Eric, Greg and myself stayed pretty close through 2 miles and up the only real hill on the course. When the course flattened out and got on the gravel area, Eric definitely put some ground on Greg and myself. The next mile everything stayed about the same, Greg and I took the un-preferred line back over the ice, I really wish I had gone on the right side, as I may have gotten by Greg, but I am sure the result would have been the same in the end. I was happy to be right on his heels through the house and off the rock wall. Greg’s basketball jumping skills out did mine jumping across the water crossing and he gaped me a bit on the beach, taking second by 7 seconds. Eric was up on me by 26 seconds. I feel that I could have pushed a bit harder, but sub consciously was content with being that close to those guys. Greg beat me by 1:19 at Lil Rhody, so I am cool with being within striking distance. 

Full Results
Scott's Pics


After the race, we had a solid crew for the cool down and picked up Mike’s flags. Some beer awards and a change later and it was off to Mews for lunch….and then a trip to Whalers.

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