Tuesday, December 5, 2017

NBX GP of Cyclocross

My second and last cyclocross race has come to an end.  After doing Secret Squirrel, I gave it a few days and decided I would give cyclocross one more spin before the season was over.  At least the season in terms of races I could do.

The NBX GP of Cross is a bit more “serious” event than the Secret Squirrel, but being in the “I am going to fall down” division, you don’t really notice.

This race started at 8am, so Warren and I hit Goddard Park on Friday night ot check out the course quick.  It was nice to have an idea before the next day…and that idea was, this is not a Bob Friendly course.  Too much twisting and turning and bike handling stuff for me.  I need a course with long climbs and rides that have less turns, because I run, I don’t bike!  With that said there is a 100 meterish beach run in which I could use my lungs and pass some people.

Race day…it was chilly, 30ish degrees.  I got my number and Warren and I headed out to do a warm up lap, my hands were numb!!  I got all that figured out and geared up for the start.  It was a bigger race with around 120 riders.  I was near the back again, but I could at least see Warren this time.  My hope was to keep Warren in sight the whole race and hope to beat his ass.

The race starts, I have a horrible start, I could not clip in and these guys just sprinted away.  It was short lived though, because there was a crash that stopped lots of people, then another incident 100 meters after that.  This definitely split the field up early.

I was able to keep Warren close and on the run on the beach caught up.  Through all the twists and turns of the first loop I was right near him and then the tightest shittiest turn on the course there was a tight pack and Warren fell and I went by.  I was able to get a decent gap on him, until the 2nd lap when I fell and dropped a chain; he caught back up and had a great third lap which put him out of sight.  My last lap was faster than Warren’s though, so that was progress.

The race for me was a struggle in bike handling and having a bike that is WAY too small for me.  I was not pleased with my finishing position of 102nd of 120.  It is weird being in a sport that I am sooooofar back in!   I look forward to having my own bike and riding a bit before next year’s races start up!

After the race, I went out and ran 8 wobbly miles around Goddard Park and then hung out watching the real riders do what they do.  Then straight from there I went ot the bowling alley to get in some practice, averaging 225 for 6 games.  I was back on the roads Sunday morning for 15miles with Bronson, Dave and Zak.  It was a pretty productive weekend.

Check out some footage from MY RACE.

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