Monday, September 25, 2017

USATF GP #4 & #5

After a long break from USATF GP Races, we had two on back to back weekends.  Not great weekends for me to have them on, as I was getting sick right before CVS and was much worse before Lone Gull.

Sickness aside, I had to get the races in….here is a short recap of each.

CVS Downtown 5k...

I have not run this race since 2006.  I like the new course better than the old one.  I felt I may be able to run 17:30 feeling the way I was…I felt like I ran reasonably smart and was able to come away with a 17:07 running splits of 5:24, 5:32, 5:37…and a slow 34 for the last 0.1068xxxxx
It was a pretty hot day and I was glad it was not a longer race.  I was happy with that time given how I felt and I had great visions of feeling better for Lone Gull and running a better race…as I tend to do as the distance gets longer.

Fast forward a week to Lone Gull...

The week before the race I took 2 days off to try to feel better as my chest congestion had gotten much worse.  I ran on Friday coughing more than I ever had in a run and Saturday was only a little bit better.  At that point I knew I wasn’t racing and would just run in the race at some pace.
I started pretty far back taking 13 seconds to get across the line.  I went out in 6:32 and tried to just get in a good run progressing from there.  I ran about 20:00/18:37 for the 5k splits.  This was my first time at Lone Gull and I would definitely vote for it to be back in the GP for next year.

Now...4 weeks to get healthy.  My training for Baystate has not been good…I never had any thoughts on heading there to a run a PR, but I would like to run a decent race.  I guess I will have to hope my body just remembers how to run a marathon.  

Editor's Note:  I went to the doctor and have "borderline pneumonia"  That explains a lot!  On meds and rest...Baystate is going to be fun!  :/

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