Friday, August 11, 2017

Favorite/Best Races

The other day I was thinking of all the races I have done over the years and all the ones on the list that I still want to do!  I figured I would compile a list of what I think my top races have been over the years.  I picked based on the basis that I really enjoyed the race or would love to go back or just a great experience.  Races that stick out I guess.

Krispy Kreme Challenge – I have run the KKC 3 times now and I plan on going back again and again.  2.5 mile run, consume a dozen donuts, then run back 2.5 miles.  It is horrible and awesome at the same time.

ENDURrun – 160km over 8 days with 7 days of running.  The last day is a marathon.  The people are great. 

Transrockies – 6 days of racing in the Rockies.  Awesome way to see the Colorado countryside.

Empire State Building Run Up – Short and sweet.  Run from the bottom to the top, ending outside on the observatory deck.  It is wild.

JFK 50 Miler – JFK is just an awesome ultra.  It is big and different then others I have run, I plan on going back eventually.

Grog and Dog Jog – Team running and eating event with costumes….nothing more to say!

What are some of YOUR favorite races?

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